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Car 3D Scanning Modeling

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Invisible car jacket is a new type of high-performance environmentally friendly film, which is widely used in the car beauty and maintenance industry. It is a common name for transparent paint protective film. It has super toughness, abrasion resistance does not change yellowing, easy to stick, anti-collision and scratching, after installation, the car paint can be isolated from the air, abrasion resistance is not yellowing, easy to stick, anti-collision and scratching, long-lasting protection Lacquered. Each car has a different shape, and it is necessary to customize a suitable invisible car suit according to the car model.

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Facing a problem

The customer is a manufacturer of invisible car covers. If you want to make a car suit for a suitable car model, you must first obtain a car model and make a car suit based on the model. The data model needs to be collected accurately to produce an invisible car suit that fits the car. Using a new handheld 3D scanner, the scanning accuracy can reach 0.01mm.

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The customer contacted us and wanted us to propose a suitable solution. Our engineers use the handheld three-dimensional scanner HOLON751 to scan the car to collect high-precision three-dimensional scan data. The data is imported into the three-dimensional software to make a three-dimensional model to present 3D three-dimensional graphics. The model data is expanded into a plan view, and the two-dimensional data is cut into invisible Jersey.

In response to the needs of customers, Hualang quickly proposes a suitable and accurate scanning plan based on its rich experience, and provides convenient assistance for customers in the early stage of data collection, model design, and later production and manufacturing.

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