New handheld design, light weight , easy to carry

The domestic independent research and development handheld laser 3D scanner manufacturer, Hualang handheld 3D laser scanner technology professional, this product has been widely used in the field of reverse engineering and 3D inspection. The product adopts a new handheld design, light weight (950g), and easy to carry; it is ready to use, no AC power supply is required; the product has a self-calibration function (module), it uses a red line laser, has two industrial cameras, and is used at work Angle mark points, used in conjunction with scanning software, support photogrammetry and self-calibration technology. Especially suitable for on-site 3D scanning, field 3D scanning, 3D scanning of large workpieces, 3D scanning without AC power supply, etc.

Product features

●Industrial design

  Ready to use, no need for external power supply, fully 

independent research and development technology is guaranteed

   ●Fully independent research and development technology

     The core components of the product circuit, optical path, 

optical lens, laser and other core components are fully 

self-developed and designed to ensure the stability and reliability 

of the product.

●Angle-shaped mark point splicing

  This technology is superior to its peers, superior to the 

previous dot splicing technology, with higher splicing accuracy, 

which increases the scanning accuracy by 3-5 times

   ●Product rigid design

     Strong resistance to temperature deformation, no need to 

calibrate, ready to use, greatly improving work efficiency by 5-20 times

●Three-dimensional photogrammetry function

  The system has its own photogrammetry function, which 

makes the scanning accuracy higher and the technical level is 

better than that of the same industry

   ●Using a new handheld design

     New handheld design, light weight (950g), easy to carry; ready 

to use, no AC power supply required

Technical advantages

Portable device

The basic model of line laser handheld 3D scanner, easy to hold, convenient and flexible (first domestic invention)

Self-calibration function

The scanner is small and easy to carry, and can be operated with one hand; the button design is flexible to control, and there is no need to go back to the computer interface for operation. Can improve the efficiency of work scanning, safe and secure

Photogrammetry function

The system has its own photogrammetry function, which enables higher scanning accuracy and higher resolution

Scan range

The scanning range can be adjusted according to the size of the scanned object to meet the requirements of a variety of workpieces. Scan according to the surface shape of the workpiece


Product number3DH-3M
weight0.95 KG
size270×90×40 mm
Measuring speed28,000 points/s;110,000 points/s;300,000 points/s
Scan area270 mm x 225 mm
light sourceLine laser
Laser safety levelII Eye Safety
Z resolution0.10mm-0.50mm
Data accuracyUp to 0.040 mm
Volume accuracyUp to 0.08 mm/m

Volume accuracy 

(combined with 3D photogrammetry)

0.020 mm ± 0.025 mm/m
Scanning distance300 mm
Scan depth of field200 mm
Recommended scanning range0.1 – 4 m
Output format.stl、.ply、.xyz、.pnt
Compatible software

Geomagic、 Solutions、 PolyWorks、CATIA V5 、 SolidWorks、 Pro/ENGINEER、NX 、Solid Edge

、Inventor、Alias、3ds Max、Maya、Softimage等

Connection standard USB interface
DC power supply12V/1A
computer setupCPU Intel i5-430M \ RAM 2G \ hard disk:500G \ Graphics acceleration Nvidia GT 330M 
Operating temperature range-20~+50°C
Operating humidity range non-condensing10-90%


Product accessories