Adopt heterodyne multi-frequency phase shift grating technology to improve the quality of scanning point cloud

Holon camera-type 3D scanner adopts new coding calibration technology, which is the core mastery and application of 3D photogrammetry technology, which reduces physical distortion and improves the scanning accuracy of original 3D data. Adopt heterodyne multi-frequency phase shift grating technology to improve the quality of scanning point cloud. Synchronized with the German gom company, it truly has a blue light device scanning system, and at the same time the camera-type three-dimensional scanner scans the data point distance of up to 0.01mm, which is suitable for fine workpiece scanning; adopts a new core design concept and uses carbon fiber materials to improve the stability of the product when working .

Product features

●Long service life

  Long product life, up to 35,000 hours

   ●High precision

     Scanning accuracy can reach ≤±001mm

●Easy to carry

  The hardware is stable, the system is small (430×120×120mm), 

easy to disassemble, easy to bring to the measurement site

   ●Data intelligent fusion

     Multiple data fusion accuracy is high, no stratification and streaks

●Fast scanning speed and high efficiency

  High scanning efficiency; objects can be scanned within minutes

   ●Easy to operate

     Easy to learn and use, you can learn the system operation within 2 

hours, and you can use it proficiently within 1-2 working days

Technical advantages

Industrial lens

Imported original lens, scanning noise rate is extremely low, million-level industrial lens, optical distortion is small

Multi-frequency phase shift grating

Synchronized foreign grating technology, heterodyne multi-frequency phase shift grating; uniform fringe projection, point cloud data with high precision and no noise data; micro-structured light projection adopts LED cold light source, and the light source life is more than 35000h

industrial design

The hardware is small and uses less space; it is convenient to carry around, easy to disassemble and assemble; a variety of scanning modes can be selected at will

Calibration technique

Adopt 13-step coding calibration technology to eliminate lens distortion error and improve scanning accuracy


Product numberHL-3DXHL-3DX+
Applicable fieldMold, sculpture, bathroom, sculpture, toy doll, 3D printing, small parts, etc. Reverse engineering
scanning methodNon-contact 3D scanning (photographic 3D scanning)
Projection、grating technologyMicro-structured light projection, extrapolation multi-frequency phase shift technology (blue/white light optional)
Calibration techniqueRing code calibration (13 steps)
Single scan range(mm)Standalone mode200×150400×300
Adjustment mode400×300200×150
Single measurement accuracy(mm)±0.01
Single-sided scanning time(S)<5,<3
Splicing methodAutomatic intelligent splicing, manual feature splicing
Scannable object range(mm)30~1500
Average sampling point distance(mm)0.06-0.47
Industrial 3D PhotogrammetrySupport industrial 3D photogrammetry splicing project coordinate point file import
Industrial camera resolution pixels131万像素(可选配200万,300万或500万像素)
Camera angle (degrees)18度,27度,32.5度
Industrial lens(mm)8,12,16,25,35(根据型号配置)
Calibration unit金属/玻璃
Industrial console便捷式操作架/专业工作台
Data output formatASC,STL,PLY, IGES
operating systemwindows xp/windows 7/windows 10  32位/64位  中文/英文
Light source, energy(W)标准 100 W卤素灯;LED 50 W 高能LED White;hh 高能灯 (HPL) 250 W 卤素灯
Working temperature, power supply﹣10℃~50℃、100~240V AC
Scanning deviceSystem size(mm)360x120x120440×140×120
System weight(kg)22.5


Product accessories