Application direction

3D Display
With the development of The Times and the explosion of information, the use of plane pictures and text introduction to make a similar form of catalog, to display products, is now the mainstream way of display. By using the method of three-dimensional product display, we can not only have a direct and comprehensive understanding of the appearance and characteristics of the product, but also let customers decide how to observe the product by themselves. This interactive process is difficult to achieve in the two-dimensional way. Using computer three-dimensional technology, make a three-dimensional model, as well as the simulation of the material effect, can be very smooth expression of the product movement process or use methods. When introducing products or analyzing products, it can provide three-dimensional product display videos for customers to watch, which can not only eliminate the disadvantages brought by dictions, but also greatly improve the market efficiency of enterprises. Can also play a role in promoting products for enterprises, and improve the effect of user cognition.