HL-Scan 3D scanning system can quickly complete 3D inspection and reverse engineering applications of various large and small workpieces

● Automatic positioning of the target point, no need for arm or other tracking equipment;
● Plug and play system, quick installation and use;
● The point cloud has no layering, and the 3D solid graphics (triangular mesh surface) are automatically generated;
● 7 pairs of cross laser beams + 1 additional laser beam, scanning speed up to 480,000 measurements/sec;
● Hand-held arbitrary scanning, easy to carry and operate, wide application range, scanning in a narrow space, no requirements for the working environment;

Product features

●High precision

  Accuracy can reach 004mm

   ●High work efficiency

     No need for fixed installation, easy to operate; if you don’t stick to the 

point, just take it and scan; ignore the influence of complex factors such as workshop vibration

●Fast scanning speed

  7×7 cross laser lines + 1 scanning deep hole laser line; 

scanning speed up to 480,000 measurements/sec

   ●Automated measurement

     Cooperate with robot scanning to reduce manual intervention. Scanning 

speed is faster, higher accuracy, and stronger stability

●Strong performance

   Black, bright and colored surfaces can be scanned directly 

without any pretreatment

   ●Easy to operate

     Hand-held arbitrary scanning, easy to carry and operate, wide 

application range, scanning in a narrow space, no requirement for working environment

●Visualization work

  The computer displays real-time data while scanning the workpiece

Technical advantages

Mixed working mode

It can switch freely between sticking and non-sticking scanning modes; select the appropriate mode according to the scanning space and scanning object; facilitate real-time switching through the smart button system on the scanner

Optical tracking technology

The working optical tracker tracks the HL-SCAN and the positioning points on the measured workpiece in real time to ensure high-precision dynamic measurement in complex environments.

Efficient without sticking points

Before scanning, you can take it and scan without sticking the dots, without any processing; the operation is convenient and the work efficiency is improved.

Automated detection

Robot automatic production can replace traditional manual operations, realize online automatic quality inspection, without manual interference, and greatly improve the level of production automation and intelligence.


Product modelHL-ScanHL-Scan pro
Weight1.5 Kg
Measuring speed480,000次测量/秒1340,000 Once/s
light source14 line lasers +1 extra beam26 line lasers +1 extra beam
Scan range440mm×420mm550mm×500mm
 Scanning accuracy0.04mm0.025mm
Volume accuracy(9.6m3)0.075 mm0.064mm
Volume accuracy(17.6m3)0.095 mm0.078mm
Volume accuracy(+HL-3DP)0.044mm+0.015mm/m
Depth of field250mm400mm
Datum distance300mm350mm
Scanning volume accuracy of stickers (no tracker required)/0.02mm+0.035mm/m
Scanning volume accuracy of stickers (+HL-3DP, no tracker required)/0.02mm+0.015mm/m
Transmission modeUSB3.0
Working temperature-20~40℃
Working humidity (non-condensation)10~90%
Output format.stl,.obj.asc.ply.txt.xyz.etc.,Customizable
Compatible software

3D Systems(Geomagic Solutions)、InnovMetric Software(PolyWorks)

Dassault Systems(CATIV V5和SolidWorks)、PTC(PRO/ENGINEER)

Autodesk(inventor、Alias、3ds max、Maya、Softimage)

Siemens(NG和Solid Edge)


Product accessories