Fast scanning speed, high accuracy, strong stability, flexible use, wide application scenarios

The latest handheld design, light weight, extremely easy to carry; 22 laser lines + 1 beam scanning deep hole + 7 scanning details, a total of 30 laser lines, fast scanning speed, high precision, strong stability, dual industrial cameras, marking points Automatic splicing technology and self-developed scanning software have ultra-high scanning accuracy and work efficiency. It is widely used in the field of reverse engineering and three-dimensional inspection, and the operation is flexible and convenient, and it is suitable for various complex application scenarios.

Product features

● High precision

   Fine mode measurement accuracy up to 0.01mm

   ● Industrial design

      Light weight, ready to use, high efficiency work, new i

ndependent research and development technology is guaranteed

● Fast measurement

   22 laser lines + 1 scanning depth + 7 scanning details

   ● Real-time visualization

      You can see what you are doing on your computer screen and what you need to do

● Light source form

   Blue laser line, faster scanning speed and higher precision

   ● Flexible operation

      Small size, flexible and convenient, easy to operate, easy to carry

● Multiple modes

  Single beam scanning deep holes and blind spots; fine 

mode scanning details; standard mode large-format scanning

Technical advantages

Advanced laser technology

The blue laser light source is used to improve the scanning accuracy and adaptability. It can clearly capture the details of the product, has a single-beam relationship of scanning deep holes and dead angles, and has high scanning data accuracy.

Intelligent industrial design

The scanner is small in size, easy to carry, and can be operated with one hand; the button design is flexible to operate, and there is a distance prompt. Can improve the efficiency of work scanning, safe and secure

High scan data accuracy

The system has its own photogrammetry function, which makes the scanning accuracy higher and the details of the scanning process are clearly visible

Wide range of applications

Unaffected by the environment, adapt to various complex application environments, with good adaptability; can be used in various environments and three-dimensional applications with different sizes of surfaces


Product number
Scan mode
Standard scan
Fine scan
Scan range
Measuring rate
1350000 Measurements/sec
550000 Measurements/sec
Laser light source
22 laser lines + 1 scanning deep hole + 7 scanning details
Laser safety level
II(Eye safety)
Splicing method
Automatic splicing of mark points
Data accuracy
Reference distance
Scan depth of field
Maximum depth of field
290 x 125 x 70 mm
Volume accuracy
0.02 + 0.035 mm/m

Volume accuracy (combined with HL-3DP)

0.02 + 0.015 mm/m
Output format
.stl、.obj.、.ply、.txt、.asc、.xyz、Etc. can be customized
transfer method
USB 3.0
power supply
Alternating current(110 - 240V)
Operating temperature
-20 - +40 °C
Operating humidity range (non-condensing)
Compatible software

3DSystem(Geomagic Solutions)、lnnovMetric Software(polyWorks)、

Dassault Systemes(CATIA V5和SolidWorks)、

PTC(pro/ENGINEER)、Siemens(NX和Solid Edge)、

Autodesk(lnvebtor、Alias、3ds Max、Maya、Softimage)、Rhino


Product accessories