HL-3DP has high working efficiency and wide scanning range. When used with a 3D scanner, it can reduce the accumulated error of 3D scanning data splicing.

1. The three-dimensional photogrammetry system (HL-3DP) is a handheld high-resolution (6000×4000) digital camera that takes digital photos of the object to be measured, and obtains the measured object by superimposing 2D digital photo images. The 3D coordinates of the object.

2. This mobile technology can effectively save measurement time for capturing 3D coordinates of the measured object, quality control (Inspection) and deformation analysis (Deformation).

3. Before the measurement, the code points will be pasted on the object, and then the camera will be used for shooting.

4. Through the triangulation method, the HOLON3DP software automatically combines the captured images and performs calculations to obtain the 3D coordinates of the center of each code point.

Product features

●High precision

Accuracy can reach ±0.04mm/4m; ±0.01mm/m. When used with 

3D scanner, it can reduce the cumulative error of 3D scanning data splicing

   ●High efficiency

     It can quickly calculate the precise three-dimensional coordinates of 

the coding points and marking points on the surface of the workpiece, output a 

global coordinate engineering file, and compare the errors with the CAD model 

to achieve fast three-dimensional detection of super large workpieces

●Wide measuring range

Global coded actuarial registration, suitable for measuring 

different objects of large, medium and small, 10m, 30m, 50m, 100m.

   ●Completely independent intellectual property rights

     The HL-3DP 3D photogrammetric system has independent 

intellectual property rights (core technology) and maintains an advantageous position in the world

●Quality Assurance

Benchmarking material; using carbon fiber, Invar alloy material, 

due to peer aluminum material (no stability)

   ●Outer packaging

     Aviation special compression instrument box, anti-collision design protection

●Good stability

Use carbon fiber parts to resist thermal shock

Technical advantages

Software calculation function

The three-dimensional photogrammetric system can quickly calculate the precise three-dimensional coordinates of the coding points and marking points on the surface of the workpiece. It can maintain ultra-high measurement accuracy within a certain measurement range; realize fast three-dimensional detection of super large workpieces.

Locate the code point

It has the characteristics of clear pattern, no jagged edges, uniform color, etc., which is easy for image recognition; it has a magnetic adsorption function, which is convenient to stick on and off without leaving traces or damaging objects.

Carbon fiber ruler

The standard ruler used with three-dimensional photogrammetry has very high accuracy; it has good thermal stability and extremely small deformation coefficient. With the help of three-dimensional photogrammetry, the cumulative error of the three-dimensional scanner is reduced and the scanning measurement accuracy is improved.

Dedicated HD camera

The 3D Photogrammetry System (HL-3DP) is a handheld high-resolution digital camera that is compatible with mainstream digital cameras on the market.


Product numberHL-3DP Industrial 3D Photogrammetry System
Measuring range (m)10m 30m 50m 100m
Measurement accuracy (mm)≤±0.04mm/4m
Camera configuration, parametersHigh-order SLR camera ≥ 4928 × 3264 pixels
Lens20mm, 24mm, 28mm lens
Perspective (degrees)58 degree horizontal, 36 degree vertical
Target specificationAccuracy ≤ 0.001 mm (certification certificate)
Camera calibration methodSelf-calibration
Matching methodCode point automatic matching
Data transmission methodFlash card or wireless transmission
Post processing softwarePolyWorks RapidForm Metrolog, Metrosoft, etc.
operating systemWindows xp/windows 7/windows 10 32 bit / 64 bit Chinese / English
Operating environmentCompatible with Windows98/NT/2000/XP/ Vista /7
annexCode point mark point flash flash card battery
working environmentTarget rod is not affected by ambient temperature
Application direction3D inspection sheet metal detection and tolerance analysis fixture inspection CAD comparison large metal frame inspection


Product accessories