Handheld color scanner

Our company Hualang 3D newly developed X-scan multifunctional handheld color 3D scanner, which adopts the latest handheld design, is light in weight, and is extremely easy to carry; it is ready to use; it adopts dual industrial cameras to quickly obtain 3D data of real objects. No need to paste dots, spray powder processing is truly intelligent, portable, high-precision, non-contact color scanning and other characteristics, this product has been widely used in reverse engineering and color cultural relics, 3D printing, education and scientific research and other fields.

Product features

●Diverse scanning modes

   Support two modes: handheld and fixed

    ●Easy to learn

      The equipment is simple to operate, easy to learn and use, 

free from environmental influences, workpiece structure and user capabilities

●Color Scan

  Real-time color scanning and rendering, high color reproduction

    ●Light source form

       With infrared laser single-line scanning mode, it can scan deep 

holes of objects, and the light source form is: white light

●Quick installation

  Plug-and-play system, convenient and quick to install and use

    ●Convenient and fast

      It has the characteristics of light weight, flexible carrying, 

convenient operation, etc. It can be used in various complex scenarios

●Fast scanning speed

  No need to paste or spray powder processing, automatic splicing, 

especially suitable for scanning of human body and cultural relics and antiques

    ●Multiple output formats, strong adaptability

      Output a variety of 3D data formats, compatible with common 3D 

software on the market

Technical advantages

Restore color scan

Non-contact color scanning, real-time color scanning rendering, high color reproduction

Quick and easy scanning

The plug-and-play system is convenient and quick to install and use. No need to spray powder, automatic splicing

Suitable for body scanning

There is no need to spray powder, paste points, non-contact scanning, white light does no harm to human body, and an appropriate scanning scheme is provided

Suitable for cultural relic scanning

Non-contact scanning, no pre-preparation work, automatic splicing, will not affect the appearance of cultural relics, more accurate and faster copying of cultural relics


Product numberX-Scan
Scanning accuracyUp to 0.1mmUp to 0.05mm
Recommended scanning object size0.15-4.0m0.03-0.25m
Positioning methodFeature splicing, marking point positioningTurntable splicing, feature splicing, marking point positioning
Measuring rate550,000 Measurements/secSingle scan time<2s
Texture mapping accuracy1Pixel
Texture resolution1.3MP
Frame rate10FPS~16FPS
light sourceWhite light LED
transfer methodUsb3.0/2.0
System SupportWin7(64bit) Win10(64bit)
Scan area250×185mm
weight0.56 kg
Depth of field200mm
Reference distance400mm
transfer methodUSB3.0
Operating temperature-20~40°C
Working humidity (non-condensing)10~90%
Output format.stl,.obj,.asc,.ply,.txt,.xyz and so on, can be customized.
Compatible software3D Systems(Geomagic Solutions)、InnovMetric Software(PolyWorks)
Dassault Systems(CATIV V5和SolidWorks)、PTC(PRO/ENGINEER)
Autodesk(inventor、Alias、3ds max、Maya、Softimage)
Siemens(NG和Solid Edge)


Product accessories