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Application of 3D Scanner in Engraving Industry

2021-05-19 A+ A A-

Sculpture is one of the ancient arts of mankind, and its history is almost as long as that of mankind. In the process of dealing with stones, our ancestors not only created labor tools to make a living, but also created sculptures with aesthetic significance. Nowadays, the carving art is more exquisite, and various handicrafts emerge in endlessly, which are deeply loved by everyone, and the users are also very extensive. Of course, the three-dimensional scanner has also played a decisive role in the carving industry.

The problems faced by the development of the engraving industry

With the progress of the times and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, traditional production methods can no longer adapt to this fast-developing era. Long-term processing and production can not quickly get the market's reply, and it can't meet people's convenient needs today. For manufacturing enterprises, introducing innovative high-tech technologies, improving product production efficiency, and accelerating product development are an indispensable step forward in the development of enterprises. According to the problems encountered in the engraving industry, Huaguang 3D specifically develops the camera-based 3D scanner HL-3DS+ for customers. Successfully solved the problems faced by the engraving industry.

1. The engraving cost is high, the time used is too long and the labor cost of engraving is too high, and the competitiveness in the industry is not enough.

2. It takes a long time to design a new product, and it is slow to update and cannot meet the market demand.

3. Nowadays, the production of exquisite carving crafts is very cumbersome and the time is slow, so that the output of many popular products is very low, and the cost is greatly increased.

4. Due to low production efficiency, some exquisite carved handicrafts are very expensive, and ordinary people cannot buy them, and sales cannot be increased.

With the continuous rise of the 3D scanner industry, many engravers have been liberated to give them time to design new products. After being engraved, how does it become the processing path and processing program in the engraving machine? The application of a three-dimensional scanner is needed. The scanned data is used in the three-dimensional reverse design software to carry out the secondary design of the product and accelerate the development of new products. Complete, accurate and easy to manage, improve production efficiency and save costs.

Holon3D's mature and complete solutions serve many enterprises. It has been used not only in the carving industry, but also in the automobile transportation, aerospace, new energy and other industries, and has received a lot of praise.

The success of Holon3D stems from unremitting technological innovation, which improves productivity and product quality for users. We are constantly striving to improve, actively integrate 3D measurement technology resources, diligently research and develop, and strive to produce internationally excellent and innovative non-contact 3D measurement products. Make efforts for the improvement of China's industrial 3D digital manufacturing technology and the transformation and improvement of traditional industries, and strive to make new contributions to the development of China's industrial 3D measurement technology industry!